604th Transportation Company

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Don Armstrong - 68
Pete D'Amato - 65/66
Harald Hendrichsen - 69-70
  Camp Holloway
Camp Holloway Website
7/17th Air Cav - Ruthless Riders
57th AHC - Gladiators
119th AHC - Alligators & Crocodiles
170th AHC - Bikinis
179th ASH - Shrimpboats
189th AHC - Ghostriders
219th Avn. Co. - Headhunters
355th Avn. Co. - Skycranes
361st AWC/Escort - Pink Panthers
14th Transportation Battalion
1st Battalion 69th Armor - MANY II Corps maps.
4th Infantry Division - Ivy
20th Engineer Battalion
B Company, 504th MP Bn.
155th AHC
173rd Airborne Brigade
229th AHB (AH) - 1st Cav
238th AWC - Gunrunners
282nd AHC -  Blackcats
Pleiku Pals - A great organization whose members served around or have a connection to Pleiku.
  II Corps
  Vietnam Helicopter Aviation
US Army Aviation Museum - Fort Rucker, Alabama
Army Air Crews - “Dedicated to the soldiers and families of the United States Army's Aviation Branch who have paid the ultimate price for freedom and liberties enjoyed today by all Americans.”
The Helicopter War - Many links to Helicopter Unit websites
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network
Fly Army Air - Excellent Nam Aviation photo site!
In The Shadow Of The Blade - An EXTRAORDINARY documentary. Nam Huey pilots fly a Nam Huey on a 10,000 mile US journey - reuniting vets who've not seen each other in 30+ years (some who saved each other's lives); bringing together vets who served with, and maybe spent last living moments with, men killed in action and those men's families; and visiting with nurses and donut dollies and men who endured difficult, pivotal moments in Nam, like LTC Hal Moore.
  Vietnam & Military Related Sites
Freedom Adaptive Systems - Freedom Adaptive Systems is owned and operated by a Disabled American Veteran (604th Member Eddie Jensen - erjensen@yahoo.com) who lost the use of his right arm and right foot in combat. Our Mission is to enhance the fishing experience of people with physical challenges by making the best adaptive fishing equipment available. We make adaptive rod holders that provide the the best fishing for people with disabilities in the World!  We understand the challenges that face a disabled anglers and their requirements for adaptive fishing equipment. Our adaptive fishing equipment allows people who suffer from fatigue from fishing, pain, paralysis, or loss of a limb to have a great day fishing. We provide adaptive fishing equipment that is easy to use, and will give you the best fishing experience possible.
Army Aviation Association of America - The mission of the AAAA is to support the United States Army Aviation Soldier and Family
The Vietnam Center and Archive - Excellent research site. “The Vietnam Center and Archive collects and preserves the documentary record of the Vietnam War, and supports and encourages research and education regarding all aspects of the American Vietnam Experience.”
Free Veterans Law Center - providing support and counsel to America's honorably discharged military veterans, wherever they may be, free of charge.
Understanding PTSD - a PTSD infographic for veterans that addresses what PTSD is, what the treatments are, what causes it, and what the common misconceptions about the illness are. It is on the website DisabledVets.com, the site of a law firm founded by attorney and Vietnam US Marine disabled vet, George Sink Sr.
Veterans PTSD and Substance Abuse Resource - The Recovery Village - It’s difficult to comprehend the complex combination of pride, anger, duty, anguish and anxiety many veterans feel after their time in the service. Adjusting back to civilian life in the United States is a tremendously difficult process. And while some veterans sustain only minor physical and psychological wounds from combat, others aren’t as lucky. PTSD and substance use are two of the most serious, pressing issues impacting our country’s bravest men and women. If left unaddressed, PTSD and substance abuse in veterans can be deadly. It’s time to break the stigma surrounding these conditions. Reaching out to others for help isn’t a sign of weakness - it’s proof of strength. With the right therapeutic care, veterans can get to the roots of their addiction, work through their PTSD and go on to lead the peaceful, fulfilling lives they deserve.
Vietnam Nurses Website
Military Nurses - The History of Nurses From The Revolutionary through The Vietnam Wars - Today, nurses in the United States are required to have a nursing degree, but that wasn’t always the case. Women have a long history of serving as nurses to soldiers in the military. In the earliest days of American history, nurses were untrained. Many of them were women who couldn’t eke out a living with their men off to war, so they followed the troops and made themselves useful where they could to earn safety, food, and lodging. Later, the important role that nurses played during wartime was recognized and training programs were established. Today, nurses serve in all branches of the military.
Army Transportation Assn. Vietnam - Dedicated to the Transportation Personnel who fought & died in Vietnam.
Army Transportation Museum - Ft. Eustis, VA
US ARMY Transportation Corps
National Gravesite Locator
Military Individual Records Request (National Archives) - Request your DD214 and/or 201 File
National Archives Home Page - Search for unit records.
Joe Kline Helicopter Art - Joe was a Huey crew chief in Nam  -  Amazing paintings!  See Examples  Here ... And HERE
Vietnam - Donut Dollies
Combat Vets Motorcycle Association - if you ride, check it out.
Patriot Guard Riders - ensuring dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and Honorably Discharged Veterans  by 1. Showing our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities, and 2. Shielding the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors. You do not need to ride a motorcycle to participate!
Mesothelioma Guide - Veterans who develop mesothelioma as a result of their service in the military are entitled to benefits and assistance from the U.S. government. Veterans make up the largest group of people diagnosed with mesothelioma because asbestos was so widely used by the military. Veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma are entitled to disability compensation, pension and/or medical benefits through the VA. Surviving spouses and dependents may also qualify for compensation from the VA. Learn how you and your family can get access to these benefits with our free Veteran's Support Guide.
MesotheliomaHelp.Org For Veterans  -  Asbestos is the name given to six minerals with long, thin fibers found naturally in rocks and soil. They have been used in a wide range of military products for many decades. When these fibers are inhaled or ingested, they can cause serious asbestos-related diseases. Mesothelioma is one of them. Veterans make up approximately 30 percent of ALL U.S. cases of mesothelioma and veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of active duty are entitled to benefits from the federal government. For more formation, download the free handbook, A Patient's Guide to Mesothelioma.
Merchant Marine Act/Jones Act - One of the most important provisions of this law is to maintain the rights of seamen on duty and to protect them in the case of injury while working. The Act mandates that seamen must be provided with adequate and reasonable food, shelter, and medical care while working aboard a maritime vessel. Employers are also expected to provide care for seamen injured on the job, whether from negligence or unseaworthiness. If that is not provided the seaman has the right, according to the Jones Act, to file a claim for damages.
Veteran Guide To Starting and Owning A Business - In addition to protecting our freedom at home and abroad, U.S. veterans are returning home and strengthening our economy. In fact, 10% of all small businesses in the United States are launched and run by veterans. This site has a very comprehensive list of linked resources for veterans wishing to have their own business. (Thank-you to the children at The Brenham Community Center in Brenham, Texas for suggesting this resource!)
The History of Military Automotive Vehicles - Today, it would be unthinkable for a major military operation to occur without the use of trucks, armored personnel carriers, tanks, and other vehicles. Their ability to support troop movements, travel over difficult terrain, and haul tons of supplies makes them invaluable to any army, but it is only within the past 100 years that these vital pieces of machinery have been used during times of war.